Nickie Halverson: Saving Humbird’s History

Written by: Jack Ikhtiari Sr

History is more than just old dates and events—it’s the heart of our community. Nickie Halverson, one of our dedicated residents, has shown just how much our past matters. Over the past year, Nickie spent 273 hours scanning and saving over 500 editions of the old Humbird Enterprise newspapers, covering over 40 years of our town’s history.   The Humbird Enterprise is a big part of our town’s story, filled with news about local events, important moments, and everyday life. But as these old newspapers started to fall apart, we risked losing this precious history. That’s when Nickie stepped in. She loves history and wanted to keep it safe, so she volunteered to take on this huge job.

Nickie, researched the correct sequence of pages, and then carefully scanned every newspaper edition, making sure to save each article, photo, and ad in digital form. This work took a lot of time, and Nickie often worked an entire shift, showing how much she cared about this project.   Thanks to Nickie’s hard work, over 500 editions of The Humbird Enterprise are now safely stored in a digital archive. This collection is a treasure trove of information, providing a look back at our past and a connection to the towns heritage. It’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of Mentor, from researchers to curious residents.

To show how much we appreciate Nickie’s dedication, the town board presented Nickie with a special plaque. This small award is a big thank-you from all of us for her amazing effort. Town officials and community members joined together to celebrate Nickie’s achievement and applaud her hard work. Nickie’s project reminds us of the importance of preserving our history and how one person’s commitment can make a big difference.

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