Town of Mentor’s Annual Cleanup Day: A Community Effort

Written by: Jack Ikhtiari Sr

The Town of Mentor’s annual Cleanup Day was a huge success, bringing the community together to dispose of unwanted items properly. Despite the rain that fell most of the morning on June 22, residents still turned out in impressive numbers to clear out their homes and yards, getting rid of old furniture, mattresses, TVs, appliances, tires, lawn mowers, and miscellaneous junk.   This year’s event saw an impressive turnout. Two 30-yard dumpsters were filled to the brim with general waste, while another 40-yard dumpster for metal was also packed full. Approximately 150 old car and truck tires were collected, along with numerous refrigerators, freezers, computers, monitors, and big-screen TVs.

Residents greatly appreciated the opportunity to dispose of their unwanted items responsibly. Events like these are crucial for keeping our community clean and free from illegal dumping. Without Cleanup Day, many of these items might have ended up in ditches or other inappropriate places, causing environmental harm and making our town look neglected. The success of this year’s Cleanup Day highlights the community spirit of Mentor. Everyone pitched in to help, from those who brought items to the dumpsters to the volunteers who organized and managed the event. This collective effort not only cleaned up our town but also strengthened the bonds between residents.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Town of Mentor’s annual Cleanup Day. Your involvement made a significant difference, helping to keep our community clean and beautiful. We look forward to seeing you all again next year for another successful cleanup!


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