Bridge by the Dam – public meeting Feb 13th at 6pm

Written by: Jack Ikhtiari Sr

Title: East Fork Halls Creek Bridge Closure: A Necessary Upgrade for Safety and Accessibility

A public meeting is being held on Feb 13th at 6:00pm.  The purpose of this meeting is to keep the public informed and to address any concerns by local residents.  Town officials and project managers from Cedar Corp will be available to address any concerns.  Click here to view the Cedar Corp pdf about the Bridge Replacement.

The East Fork Halls Creek Bridge, affectionately known as the “Bridge by the Dam,” has been a vital passage for locals for decades. This iconic wooden structure, however, is set to undergo a transformation in the summer of 2025. The town is gearing up for a significant construction project that will replace the aging wooden bridge with a modern, wider, and more durable concrete structure.

Notable to this project are:

  • Widening the bridge from its current 16.8 feet to a more accommodating 24 feet.
  • Increase length of the bridge from 26.8 feet to approximately 36-40 feet.
  • Replace the wooden structure with concrete
  • Estimated cost is $450,000.00
  • 80% of cost from federal funding
  • 20% funded by Town of Mentor and WDOT
  • Slated to start in the summer of 2025
  • Road closures will be announced prior to starting the project

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